The latest week there have been I've think like five new k-pop groups who had there debut, and I thought a could show one of them that I think is a little bit special.(^ω^)


The name of this group is Tasty and they describe there style as European dubstep. Both me and my sis have listened to there songs and we both agree to that this isn't even close to European dubstep.( ̄O ̄;)
But still I have to say that... I LOVE IT!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

End of Optimus prime day

Now Optimus prime day is coming to an end:( And for them that don't know what that is. The so called Optimus is Minhyun in the k-pop band Nu'est and it's his 17 B-day today so congrats to him!!!!          \(^o^)/
And I'm shore theres many people out there who is having there B-day today to so congrats to them to!!!!(^∇^)
And now I'm of to bed( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
So goodnight everyone!<33333



 Right now I'm about to fall asleep (( _ _ )).. zzzZZ so before I do that, I wanted to tips about a really great song. The song is by the band EXO-K (K-pop) and I really REALLY love this song! I've listened to it almost everyday since it was released ^^.
So hope u like it it 2 (>_<).


Ditt namn eller något annat som förklarar bilden


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