Braked down

Kategori: Life

Today I ended up being completely right. And what mean whit that is, when I got home after school today I burst into tears. I don't really now why but I was just feeling pathetic and like a failure, and if I have to be completely honest I still do.
Don't think I just care about me cuz I'm shore I'm not the only one being stressed about school and grades when time to apply high school is just around the corner.

But what I'm upset about is that I had this meting whit the schools counselor, about about high school and what I want to work whit when done whit school. When I had told her my plans and which lines I would like to go, she said that she doesn't think I'm capable of doing that. She said straight out that I wouldn't be abel to work whit that. And it had nothing to do whit my grades, she just thought that I wouldn't manage to do that kind of work.
So now I'm just lying in my bed wondering what's wrong whit me.

So goodnight and sweet dreams(^з^)-☆


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