Swimming like a mad man

Kategori: Life

Today was the first day of going to school after my cold FINALY disappeared. Or well the fever is goon now the cold will probably never go away (T ^ T) .
And today we had this life-saving class and learned how to do CPR and we had to dive down In a 4 m deep pool and pick up a doll that weight 75 kilos!!!!
I almost died!!! but seriously it felt like you had to swim forever to get to that fucking plastic doll!!
But in the end I made it! So hurray to me. \(^o^)/


  • Katta säger:

    YOU ARE SO MOTHER FUCKINGLY AMAZINGLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MARRY ME :C<3

    2012-09-19 | 19:57:31

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