About to flip out...

Kategori: Life

Now I'm sitting in the car on my way to the hospital for like the 15:th time, (ーー;) and they just keep doing nothing and say " Come back In an month and we'll se how you feel". I'm really sick of them right now cuz they said that every fucking time I've bin there the last six mounts, and the last time I when't they said the headache probably was because of depression. And why did they think that? ( ? _ ? ) Oh, she said I looked like I was in pain and was sad. How Dafuq do she think I feel when I've had constant headache for six mounts, and missed all of summer vacation cuz I've slept of having no energy left cuz of headache. If they say the same thing today I have no fucking idea what I will do. Oh, by the way good morning<3


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