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Now I'm finally leaving the hospital after being there all day, and today I got to do an LP. Meaning I got a shot/injection in my back to take some cell samples. They said it's pretty much like the one you get when your pregnant (like that explained anything to me( ? _ ? )). But it hurt as hell and the needle was 12cm long and when I saw it I was about to die!(◎_◎;), and I really loved what they said to calm me down " The needle only ned go in 9-10cm(smiling like a mad man) " And when the test results finally came it showed nothing. Everything was perfectly fine. So now I have such pain in my back I cant even sit down and still have no idea what's wrong whit me. But I'll just have to keep on living, trying and smiling.(^_−)−☆


Pic I took on some graffiti on my way to eating lunch ;D (verry cute graffiti)


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